1989年6月30日 栃木県那須塩原市生まれ。

那須清峰高校 機械科を卒業後、一般企業に就職。



2019年からアメリカ オハイオ州へ転勤し、2023年現在もアメリカ在住。



Born June 30, 1989 in Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Japan.

After graduating from Nasu Seiho High School with a degree in mechanical engineering, worked for a automotive company.

Traveled overseas frequently for work and was inspired by the spectacular scenery and unique culture.

Purchased a camera and started photography as a hobby.

Transferred to Ohio, USA in 2019 and still living in the USA as of 2023.

Started running a blog “Hobby Men’s Daily Laboratory” in 2022 to share my experience and enjoyment of photography.

Started being a photographer in serious activities in 2023, and started managing this site as my portfolio.